market opportunity consulting
Identification of new product and platform opportunities through market and technology research in conjunction with expert decision support systems.

  • Our Opportunity Analysis of the market you want to enter will reveal all of the options available to your company for successful products.

  • In uncomplicated situations the choice of new product concepts to commercialize can be made by application of Pugh's Constrained Convergence method of decision support.

  • When the new product space is a platform, large or complex, expert decision support systems based on fuzzy reasoning is the best choice for selecting the best new product concept for the commercialization effort.

Development of better market strategies using the business war game process:

  • It is a process for evaluating and refining business strategy based on a cycle ofhaving teams of knowledgeable people set to outmaneuver you as if they are your most serious competitors through cycles of role-playing, discussion, and strategy reformulation.
  • The process is Risk Free!
  • All the participants are your own employees.
  • The event all happens inside your own offices and,
  • Before any resources are expended.

Creation of compelling websites and other business collateral:

  • First impressions carry important competitive impact!
  • Your company's customers are technology savvy, so your website, and other business collateral, should exploit that sensibility in its messaging.
  • At Federici Business Group, we're technologists, too, and best able to translate your marketing and sales intentions into the customer understanding because we know what's important.
  • We create websites, logos, business stationary, brochures, and even billboards for Technology companies just like yours!

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market opportunity

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